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Who are we?

Well the simple answer is that Booted Up is a small company with a big heart. This website was set up by Matt (the boss) back in 2004 to fulfil a niche in the market and this website is in its 3rd re-incarnation and has grown and grown in size and stature.

Our Concept

The Booted Up concept started back a few years ago with initial sales of fashion and sexy footwear on ebay, and still to this day we trade on ebay. Many of our customers asked why we hadn't set up an online shop, especially as many of our styles were unique in that we didn't sell boots and shoes with impossibly high heels like most other online retailers (although we do now sell the higher heeled stuff). That brings us right up to this website and the present day.

Why Buy Online From Us?

Some people have argued that it is not possible to buy footwear on the web, but we argued that it was possible, especially in this day and age. The biggest complaints have been that websites don't give enough detail regarding the footwear that people wish to buy. We aim to make this process a lot simpler and show that with accurate facts about each item that we sell, you the customer will have no complaints when the product arrives on your doorstep ready to be worn. We endeavour to make your shopping experience as simple and pain free as can be and in turn convince the doubters out there that online shoe shops do work and that you can buy boots, shoes and lingerie online and importantly securely.

About Booted Up's Collection

Booted Up has always offered a collection of thigh high, over the knee boots and knee high boots with or without platforms.

In recent years there has been a massive increase in the range, which has coincided with a massive decrease in wholesalers and manufacturers of such goods. I am sure you can forgive us for that as we have now added a lot more ranges such as a far better lingerie range, luxurious leatherwear, faux leather, costumes, pvc & vinyl and a whole host of accessories to boot!! This makes Bootedup.com a far better place to shop online than it has ever been before.

If there is anything that you are particularly looking for that you currently can't see then get in touch and we will see if we can help you. We are always very interested in your comments so always feel free to drop us an e-mail, whether they are negative or positive.

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