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Postage and Packaging Costs

How Much Does it Cost?

We have a simple pricing structure for our items. Within the UK the cost of postage and packaging for a pair of shoes/boots is 5.86, Europe is 12.99 and to the Rest of the World is 16.99. For any other items ordered besides boots/shoes, then the charge is 2.92 within the UK, 10.05 for Europe and 14.05 for the Rest of the World.

Please note that all items sent outside of the UK are sent via the Royal Mail Airmail service, which is untracked. If you wish us to courier to you an item, then please email us for prices as they tend to be around double that of the Royal Mail.

Do I pay more if I order more than one item?

The answer to this is no, if you order 3 pairs of boots/shoes then you only pay the one cost of 5.86 in total if you are ordering within the UK and if you order any additional items alongside the boots/shoes then they are included also in the postage and packaging cost. The same also applies for non footwear items, where the cost for postage and packaging within the UK would be 2.92 and this is for 1 item ordered or indeed 10 items ordered.

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