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Size Guide

Here is some information that may help you with regards to buying items from our website.

Guide to buying from Bootedup.

All our items have size charts that could be individual to the item that you are looking at. It is important to check the size chart (which is in a tab next to the description for each item). As an example, all the boot size charts give you the key measurements for each boot e.g. calf and thigh circumference and they are there to enable you to see if they will fit your leg or not.

In most instances our clothing products are marked with actual sizes e.g. 10-12 or 16/18, which then makes it easier for you the customer to work out what size to buy. However, in other instances, this is where the clothing size chart will be of use to you as some of our products are simply marked 'Large' or 'Small' and by referring to the size charts, hopefully you will be able to make a sound decision.

You are looking in all instances for the 'SIZE CHART' tab next to descriptions.

If in doubt, we are only a phone call (01484 537780) or e-mail (info@bootedup.com) away to assist you further.

Mens guide to buying boots for their partner.

Now we appreciate that often you are buying them as a surprise, so the size charts we provide are not relevant for you. Stop, that is where you are wrong!

Your partner probably has other boots I am guessing lying around. They are the ideal thing to check what you are buying is going to fit her. Check the sizes of them and if one of them is a different size e.g. larger than the others, then play safe and go for that size unless your partner insists she is always say a size 6UK and not a size 7UK. You can also check out her boots for the circumference around the top of the boot and then check it against the size charts on the website to give you an idea if they will fit.

You are probably thinking, why all this hassle. Well, the simple answer is, women love it when you get it right and if you don't then you can always exchange them for the correct size or get her to choose a different pair.


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